Q-201 Home Café
771.00 SR 690.00 SR
Q-201 Home Café
The Home Café is the perfect choice for starting your own coffee shop in your home or office! The café contains: Q-201 Qahwati Machine Capsule Base 36 Capsules of Assorted Coffee Original Price: 820 SAR Offer Price: 729 SAR
771.00 SR 690.00 SR
Q101 Room Café
525.00 SR 465.00 SR
Q101 Room Café
Room Café is the perfect choice for starting your own café in your room or office! The café contains: Q101 Qahwati Machine Capsule Base 36 Capsules of Assorted Coffee Original Price: 577 SAR Offer Price: 498 SAR
525.00 SR 465.00 SR
Capsule Base
Horizontal capsule regulator, made of galvanized and tempered metal. Designed to be a solid base for the machine, it contains a zipper tray designed to accommodate 36 capsules in 6 paths, very suitable for organizing capsules without taking up much...
99.00 SR
Capsule Holder
Round capsule holder for 36 capsules
86.00 SR
Various Coffee Capsules
A variety of Qahwati coffee capsules Contains: 20 Mixed Coffee Capsules Another 16 assorted capsules
99.00 SR
Assorted Imported Capsules - 12 capsules
12 imported assorted capsules Includes most of the requested brands
74.00 SR
Sold Out
Set of K-Cup tools for Cleaning and Descaling
A set of K-cup tools for cleaning and descaling from Urnex Preferable to clean every 3 months Ingredients: Citric Acid How to use: The first step: Descaling Empty the descaling powder container into an empty water bowl. Add water to...
29.50 SR
Refillable Capsule
Refillable capsule to use any other coffee through Qahwati coffee machine.
28.00 SR
Paper Filters for the Refillable Capsule
High-quality disposable paper filters, designed to match the refill capsule in the accessories section. Easy to use and reduce the time and effort involved in getting your cup of drip coffee.
from 29.00 SR
Assortment of Tea Capsules
Assortment of tea capsules from Qahwati Contents: - Red tea capsules - Green tea capsules - Red tea with mint capsules - Ginger capsules
from 34.00 SR
Assortment of Coffee Capsules
Variety of coffee capsules from Qahwati Contents: - Americano coffee capsules - Colombia coffee capsules - Breakfast blend coffee capsules
from 50.00 SR
K-Cup Capsules Assortment
Variety of K-cups from Qahwati Contents: - Karak tea capsules - Chocolate Capsules - Arabica Coffee Capsules
from 55.00 SR
كوب قهوتي التفاعلي المتأثر بالحرارة
كوب قهوتي التفاعلي يتأثر شكله بالحرارة  بحجم 10 اونصة "300 مل" يتناسب مع جميع احجام مكينة قهوتي  وبكتابة كلمة "قهوة" على شكل قلب 
29.00 SR
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