Qahwati is a trademark owned by (Tilal AL Riyadh Trading Company) - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
At (Qahwati), we pack the single brew capsules registered globally as (K-CUP®), with various types of local and imported coffee and other types of ingredients that comply with the slow distillation mechanism that is specific to this type of capsules.
At (Qahwati), we strive to offer different types of coffee and other drinks at an affordable price and with high quality, by maintaining the highest quality standards in our products, whether with regard to production lines, or the type of materials used in packaging and canning, or ingredients that are selected and examined with high accuracy.
(Qahwati) is the right choice for lovers of black drip coffee (American coffee) that is extracted at a slow low pressure that gives the water enough time to collect the wonderful flavors of the coffee beans.
In addition, a list of different wonderful drinks is provided, such as instant Arabic coffee, all kinds of tea, hot chocolate, and others.
At (Qahwati) we aim to change the prevailing concept about coffee and other hot drinks that are served in cafes only, to make them at your fingertips, fresh, delicious and fast, whether you are at home, in the office, or in the lap of nature.
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